Wednesday, October 29, 2014

CeCe Caldwell's Paints projects and a little out-and-about-round-the-house stuff

Hello there again.
I thought I would step up my game a little and try to get another post out before next year rolls around. 
So....I thought I would show you a few projects I've been working on and then throw out a few random pictures from around the house.
Sound like fun? 
I thought so.

First off, I really would like to apologize for the quality of some of these furniture shots. I really love my working studio at Newport Marketplace. I love that I'm not filling up my house with projects in various states of completion. But I don't have a designated space in my booth for taking pictures. You with adequate natural light and uncluttered space with a pretty backdrop and styling props. I guess that's something I'll have to work on.


I thought this little drop front cabinet was pretty unique. It has a few water rings on the top that I really didn't try to remove. I applied a few coats of CeCe Caldwell's new Walnut Grove Stain + Finish and that reduced the appearance of the rings almost to the point of not being able to notice them. I finished the bottom of the cabinet in Beckley Coal, lightly distressed, then applied Dark Aging Wax. 

This next little stand was in pretty rough shape with peeling finish, some loose joints, a slightly cracked bottom shelf, and a little bit of over spray from someone's spray paint project. I painted this in CeCe Caldwell's Thomasville Teal the finished it with CeCe Caldwell's new Kukui Stain + Finish. I really like the way the stain works with the paint. 

This is a project that I finished for myself using the headboard from my grandparent's bedroom set. As you can see it had a white (yellowed with age) laminate finish. I already re-purposed one of the dressers into an entertainment center here. I started this project a few months ago by painting it in one of CeCe Caldwell's retired colors, Mesa Sunset. I didn't apply any sealer or wax to it at this point because I wasn't sure just how I wanted it to look yet. I had to walk by it for a couple of months before inspiration struck (like sticking your tongue in a light socket kinda struck). I decided adding CeCe Caldwell's new Hickory Stain + Finish to it would be just what it needed for a nice faux wood grain finish. If you want to duplicate this wood grain type look and can't find Mesa Sunset, the new color, Pueblo Pepper, should work just as well.

And...just so this post isn't all about paint...
I thought I would put up a few of the pictures I took before the rains totally abused the fall colors.

Then there's the random animals that have overtaken our yard.

The vocal group called "Rise and Shine".
Their favorite tune is "No more sleep for you...Cock-a-doodle-do".

Mr. Billy Goat Gruff?

And the Mrs.

Rodent patrol.

Gossip ... er .... Welcoming committee.

And of course...
Dumb and Dumber.
Partners in crime.
If it smells rotten...they will both probably eat it.

So much for October. See you in November...maybe.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

It's been a while and I've got a little catching up to do

Tap, tap, tap....
Is this thing on?

I've been absent from here for quite a while. I actually didn't even realize how long it's been since my last post (which was May 22nd). Almost 6 months!!! I can't believe how fast the summer flew by.
Last May I was looking at green stuff everywhere and the last of a storm blowing over the valley.
This past week was absolutely beautiful out and the leaves are reaching peak color.

Not that summer is really ready to give up but the days of the roses are numbered for sure.

I've kept pretty busy over the summer.
I took my CeCe Caldwell's painting demonstrations on the road for the first time to the "Chicks Along the Canal" event in Little Falls, NY. I did painting technique demonstrations, sold some paint, and had a few of my finished furniture pieces on display. It was a long weekend but the weather was great, the people were plentiful, and the food was fabulous.

My garden didn't do as well this year as it did last year.
Last year... lots of peas, beans, tomatoes, and lettuce.
This year... some peas and beans, a few tomatoes (which most are still green on my window sill), crap-ton of carrots, and 4 pitifully small ears of corn (I planted 2 packages of seeds, 10 stalks grew, and only 4 ears of corn picked....pretty crappy results there).

For the most part I've been spending a lot of time at Newport Marketplace. I've been going pretty much non stop from one project to the next.
Mahogany hutch painted in Myrtle Beach Sand and Vintage White - still available
Giant hutch painted in Sedona Red - sold
Kidney shaped vanity/desk painted in Beckley Coal with a map of Middle Earth - sold
Vintage vanity in Vintage White - still available
Half round china closet in Destin Gulf Green and Omaha Ochre with rear glass panel replaced with a fish net - sold
And another hutch painted in Pittsburgh Gray - still available but currently on display at Mohawk Valley Center for the Arts in Little Falls, NY

Last year I did a year long series of pictures. I posted (pretty much) everyday a picture of the view out my front door which I called my "Shut the Front Door" series. It was a fun project but posting everyday became somewhat difficult for me to pull off. This year I've been trying to squeeze out a post here and there but as you can see from my 6 month absence I've been more than a little lax in posting. I've been trying to get myself back on track and figure out a new theme for next year (because we all know that next year is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER...AHHHhhhh). So what-da-ya-say? Any ideas, suggestions, or inspirations you'd like to pass along? Just drop me a comment.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Old Clock Cabinet Makeover with CeCe Caldwell's Paints

Unlike most of my other posts that require a pot of coffee and a day off of work to get through,
this is a short post.
(I promise)

One of the other vendors at Newport Marketplace where I sell my paint and furniture brought in this old clock cabinet not too long ago.

I thought that it had some character and only needed a little pick-me-up.
I used CeCe Caldwell's Natural Chalk + Clay Paints in Emerald Isle, Carolina Sun Yellow, Spring Hill Green, Santa Fe Turquoise, and Kailua Coral to give it a bit of a face lift.

I sealed the whole cabinet with CeCe Caldwell's Satin Finish. Then I used one of CeCe Caldwell's new metallic waxes in Sierra Silver to bring a little shine to the decorative aspects.

What do you think?
Fun little book shelf 
or curio cabinet 
or toy tower 
or doll house

This cabinet 
the complete line of CeCe Caldwell's Natural Chalk + Clay Paints 
are currently for sale at Newport Marketplace
7583 Main St.
Newport, NY

Stop on by.
You won't be disappointed.
(I promise)