Thursday, February 6, 2014

Big Honkin' Buffet in Vermont Slate

I just received a very kind email from one of my readers. She asked a question about a buffet makeover that I previously posted "before and after" pictures of.
This question made me realize that I never actually posted more than a simple "before and after" write up about this big honkin' buffet.

This, for anyone who may be interested, is a Thomasville buffet.
It's heavy.
It's big (a hair under 6' long and it just fit in the back of my Explorer).
It was in almost perfect condition.
It normally sells for around $1200 to $2500.
I bought it at the Salvation Army for $64. If you keep an eye out in those places, sometimes you come up with a true gem of a deal.

I removed all the hardware, doors, and drawers and gave it a good cleaning. Then gave it a couple of coats of CeCe Caldwell's Vermont Slate (one of my favorite of the CeCe colors).

Then I had to deal with the top. It's very hard to tell in the first picture but the top had scratches and a couple of small spots that were discolored. Because I wanted the top to be a natural wood color, I decided to try sanding.

No fun.
You can also see my Christmas tree from the year before still on the deck. Looks good for the middle of April don'tcha think? Of course we experimented by buying a potted tree for that Christmas and hadn't gotten around to planting it yet. For anyone wondering, it's now planted and were waiting to see if it's going to make it through the winter.

Anyway...back to the buffet.

I gave up on the sanding and decided to go for the liquid stuff. I was initially worried about using this stuff inside my house but it barely has a smell to it. I was surprised and grateful for that.

It took a few applications but I was finally making progress. You can see those funky discolored spots even better now (not sure if that's a good thing or not). After I was satisfied that I had all the original finish off and the funky spots under control, I hit it again with the sander to smooth the surface out. she be all sanded, stripped, sanded, and lookin' pretty good. Please don't mind what's left of the ratty flannel shirt ( was my favorite).

I used CeCe Caldwell's Clear Wax over the Vermont Slate and did some slight distressing.

I finished the top up with Minwax Golden Oak stain and 3 coats of Zar Classic Clear Polyurethane, lightly sanding between dried coats.
Just look at that shine.

Then came the challenge of taking a picture of it when it was seriously too big for the only spot in my house with a decent background (because no one wants to see my reflection in the dusty tv or the dirty dishes on my counter). On top of that I had serious glaring issues with all that shine and all the sun that comes in through my (cough, cough) dirty windows.

Other than clean a nasty build up of gunk out of them (I hate cleaning other people's gunk), I didn't do anything different with the hardware.

I took this down to my booth in Newport Marketplace and it sold less than 20 minutes after it was unloaded from my car.

So there you have it. The story about the Big Honkin' Buffet. I hope this answers my wonderful reader's questions (thank you so, so much for reading my blog).

For anyone living in or around the Upstate NY area, CeCe Caldwell Paints and Finishes are now available at Newport Marketplace on Rt 28 in Newport.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

New year...Exciting new stuff going on!

Hello everyone.
The last time you heard from me I was wrapping up my year long "Shut the Front Door" series. I hope you all enjoyed it.

I mentioned in one of my last posts that I had some exciting new stuff coming up in the new year and I'm finally ready to give you some sneak peaks of what I've been up to.

First, a little back story.

In late 2012 I rented a little space at Newport Marketplace in Newport, NY so I could display and sell items that I rescued and "repurposed".
Somehow I managed to do pretty well in this little corner of the store.
My first thoughts were, "Who besides me would really be interested in the stuff I'm selling here". After I received my first check my thoughts changed to, "Hey! I can do this".
In May of 2013 I was presented with the opportunity to expand into a somewhat larger space and start taking in furniture on consignment (a.k.a. let the furniture come to me instead of me going out to find it).
The room was large and scary and I was actually very nervous about being able to fill it.
Silly me.
I'm very, very fortunate to have some great consignment customers.
They never fail me when something sells and I need furniture to fill the spot.
A ton of furniture and other decorative items were sold in the 7 months I occupied this booth.
Well, late last year, I was again presented with an amazing opportunity to expand.
And expand I did.
In the past 5 days I went from this...

 To this...
 To this...

Did I mention I have the best consignment customers around?
But this isn't all of my exciting news.
Drum rollll please....
I'm officially a retailer for a fabulous line of paint by CeCe Caldwell.
 (China Closet is Vintage White and Chesapeake Blue, basket is New Orleans Purple, little tote box is Spring Hill Green, and bird house is New Orleans Purple and Santa Fe Turquoise)
This is CeCe Caldwell's Chalk and Clay Paint and finishes.
Non-toxic, odor free, No VOC's, made in USA :)
I love this paint.
No sanding, no priming, no fuss, and no muss (is that really a word?).
Again...I love this paint.
It allows me to take furniture from this...
 To this...
(Random mix of Blue Montana Sky and Vintage White with Simply White details)

 And these...
 To these...
(Carolina Sun Yellow with Virginia Chestnut and Sedona Red with Beckley Coal)

Anyway, back to my story.
I have 33 amazing colors in stock and an assortment of finishes to choose from.
I also have a cool selection of ChalkPro paint brushes on hand to help you get the best results from your paint.
You can pick up your favorite color at Newport Marketplace, 7583 Main St., Newport, NY 13416.
Coming Soon....
Painting classes and demonstrations.
It's going to be fun.
I'll post a schedule soon.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Shut the Front Door ... Days 335 thru 365 ... Decembrrrr

My last two posts consisted of pictures for the entire months of October and November.
Because one day led to the next and before I knew it the first day of October turned into the last week of December.
Time doesn't fly.
It warps into the next century right before your eyes.
With that said, I better get on with this post for the month of December before July comes barreling around the corner.
Day 335
The first day of December and what-da-ya-know??
Day 336
No Front Door picture again today.
My excuse?
I had a dead appliance removed from my kitchen.
I didn't say it was a good excuse.
Day 337
No pictures again.
I wouldn't blame you at all for not sticking around until the bitter end here.
Day 338
Cold and cloudy was the recipe for the day.
"Can you see spring from here"?
"Nope. Just more of the same white crap on the horizon".
"I say, I say... I was framed".
Are ya listenin' boy?
Do you ever wonder what they are really thinking?
Me neither.
Sitting in cold solitude.
Day 339
Typical gloomy-ness going on here.
Day 340
Snows a meltin', fogs a rollin' in.
Day 341
Snows a fallin' ... again.
The new shed looks kinda' nice in the trees.
We got quite a bit of snow today.
Day 342
No pictures.
No excuse for it.
Just sayin'.
Day 343
I think it we had a little ice during the night.
Using the tractor to break up the ice in the driveway so we can get out of here without the help of the Olympic luge team.
Our neighbors go all out every year with their holiday light display.
It's really something to see.
Day 344
More snow.
Day 345
Oh Yea!!!
Sunshine :)
Day 346
Gorgeous sunrise but a cold morning for sure.
Day 347
Cold and blustery day.
To the end of the earth...
Who's with me?
One question.
Why isn't the plow on the ground?
There's snow on the ground dude.
It's ok to use the plow today.
Men with plows talking.
No good can come from this.
Day 348
One word.
Day 349
Another gray day.
If her life gets any more difficult, I may find myself face to face with PETA.
Sled racing for dummies.
Step 1.
 Find a minimum of 2 rednecks
(recommended ages - at least one should be old enough to know better).
Step 2.
Add at least 1 motorized vehicle
 (proper registration not recommended).
Step 3.
Provide the rednecks with an odd assortment of other equipment like ropes and sleds
 (safety equipment not recommended).
Step 4.
Step back.
And the supervisor has the nerve to wonder what I'm up to.
Day 350
 Just about 12:30 in the afternoon.
Full sun and still gloomy.
Almost zero visibility.
Not a snowflake in sight.
My windshield wash fluid has been frozen for days.
 Skies finally cleared up for the day and left us with a beautiful sunset.
Day 351
No pictures again today.
Day 352
More of the gloomy grays.
Day 353
No pictures.
Day 354
Ahhh crap.
No pictures.
Day 355
No pictures.
Day 356
Seems like we've had a bit of a meltdown in the past few days.
Day 357
The day before Christmas Eve.
Apparently I had more pressing issues to deal with than taking pictures.
Day 358
No Front Door picture today.
Just "Camera War Christmas Eve".
Then there are the "Don't take my picture" wars.
Fun times.
Day 359
 Merry Christmas Everybody!
I would also like to introduce the latest member of my grandson's menagerie.
Pickled Pete, the Albino Leopard Gecko, and his band, The Chirpin' Crickets.
We now have
1 gecko,
1 kitten (which has yet to be named and photographed),
2 dogs,
2 roosters,
4 ducks,
5 baby chicks,
10 chickens (down from 11 due to hawk invasion),
75,000 crickets,
1/2 million meal worms/beetles.
Sounds like a really bad version of "Partridge in a Pear Tree" to me.
Day 360
Day 361
Day 362
Just a glimmer of hope on the horizon for today.
Apparently it's not gloomy somewhere out there.
Day 363
Snow coming down by the bucketfulls again today.
Just what everyone wants to be doing in a blizzard.
Standing on a step ladder with a torch.
A normal person would at least wait for the visibility to improve.
Day 364
 That's not a dirty window your looking through (really, it's not).
The snow is thicker than fog and almost completely blocking out the sun.
Day 365
Guess what?
No Front Door picture today.
Because I forgot to take a picture before I left home this morning.
By the time I got home tonight it was dark out.
I would like to thank everyone who stuck with me though this year long rant and didn't give in to the urge to hunt me down and put an end to the misery.
Please stay tuned for my posts in 2014.
I am working on some exciting new things for the new year and I'll fill you in on those as soon as I have some more details. 

To read the previous post for this series click this link.
If you want to start reading this series from the beginning (good luck) try clicking on this link.

SOoooooo Long 2013.
I'm on to bigger and better things.